Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Weekend Visitor & Playing Outside

I guess I've become the once a week blogger.  That makes me sad, but as soon as I figure out how to add more hours into the day I will become a better blogger...that's my promise to you.

We had a fun visitor this weekend!  Papi (my dad) came to visit all the way from Texas!

 We didn't get very many pictures while Papi was here because we were too busy playing! 

Sunday we had a big day outside.
Chip "HAD" to do some work on the bay boat so Hill and I supervised.
Yes, we have more boats than you can shake a stick at.  It's rediculous.  I think we can officially say we have a fleet. I googled what a fleet was and they said 3 or more.  So we have a fleet.  If you ask Chip we have like 6, I think. I only can account for 4... four too many.  He who dies with the most toys wins, I guess?  What happens if you are that persons wife and have to deal with all this stuff after they die?  That's just mean.


Hill was in charge of making sure the trailer was hooked up to the car appropriately
 Then he had enough of that and jumped in his car to cruise around.  This was the best gift ever.  Hill would eat, sleep and live in this car if we let him.  Thanks Pettits.  Especially Hart because he had to put it together.
Hill says, "Vroom, Vroom!"

Then he decided to do a little off roading

It's hard work with 2 inch legs pushing that car around in the grass!

Sitting in his car right after he accidentally FLEW down our drive way and couldn't stop.
I'm not sure what was more running after him or him just hanging on for the ride!
(Chip working on the boat)
 It got hot outside and so we decided to plug up this sprinkler thing I had.  Hill LOVED it.
Hey ma, check this out!

Action shot

running in the water

The aftermath.
Maybe doing this fully clothed was not a good idea.

So, we took off our clothes outside

Then wanted to go inside

Katie Lou just soaking up the sun.
Herz so pree-dee
 Then later that night I caught this picture.  Hill wanted to eat a lemon and he actually liked it!  Reminded me of my brother Jason growing up.  He'd eat lemons all the time.  My mom said I liked them too.  Maybe, just son has a Childers trait?  Bless his little heart.

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