Thursday, April 21, 2011

School Easter Party & The Coolest Fun Bags Ever...

I had my first sign up sheet as a parent to bring something for Hill's school Easter party.  I think that's somewhat of a milestone...maybe...maybe I'm just a nerd. 

Anyway, I got a kick out of it!  I was incharge of bringing the party favor / fun bags, how exciting right?  I get to be the fun mom that gives fun things or maybe to the first time parent that other parents see as just the new mom who hasn't learned her lesson yet?  My brother said that if I bought crappy things then maybe I wouldn't be asked to do it again.  I took the opposite outlook.  I like to try to think outside the box and make it different.  What would kids ranging from 10 - 18 months like?  I guess I forgot to ask myself that question before I signed up to do it.  It's HARD thinking of things that you can't choke on or be allergic to at that age as you stroll down the aisle of Dollar General.
I think I did a pretty good job if I say so myself. 

I'm all about having useful things that can be utilized so I chose
sand buckets with shovels instead of Easter baskets.

To make it Easter-y I added Easter grass.
Then there was a kid sized water bottle, airheads, bubbles, big bouncy balloon, ring pop, Rice Krispy treats, smarties, bubbles, and fruit chews.

And the special touch.
I wrote Happy Easter! on the Rice Krispy Treats.

And of course....
No Easter party is complete without Peeps.
 Not too shabby for fun bags right?

So onto the party...
Hill showed his Dada his toys that he plays with at school

Pearce and Anna wanted to hang out with Hill and his cool dad.

My cute stinker!

So, what am I suppose to do with these round things?

In Hill's little language I SWEAR he said, "Rowan, Wake Up!"
Well it sounded like it anyway.  Rowan was sleepy, but Hill was ready to party!

Anna Banana

Ms. Judy turned on the music and these kids just started breaking it on down! Hilarious!
I guess since it is a Baptist daycare I can't say that they danced...
We will call it 'expressive movement.'

Party Food Time!!!

Anna loved her cupcake.

Pearce did too!

Hill liked the cheese puffs more than the cupcake

Dancing and cupcakes make us thirsty!
Britton & Pearce chug a lugging.

Family picture
Chip and I were so glad we got to participate in Hill's Easter party!  We are so fortunate to be able to attend his school events; our work places are very family oriented and we wouldn't have it any other way.  I will eat up these years when Hill actually wants us there instead of being the old fuddy duddy parents that he doesn't want around because we are embarassing.  Thank you to First Baptist Church Childcare Ministries for being so wonderful.  Also a special thanks to Ms. Judy and Mrs. Trista for putting on such a special party for our kiddos! 

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