Monday, April 11, 2011

April Fools Weekend

There was nothing tricky about weekend before last, I just want to try to post chronologically now that I have located the cord to my digital camera.
Weekend before last we were super busy having super fun.  See for yourself.

After Dada mowed the yard Hill had to inspect the mower

And help him wash it

And get on it

And make sure he got it clean as a whistle
 We went over to the Pettit's house that Saturiday night so that Chip could hook up their outdoor speakers.  We made a play date out of it.

Hello.  Welcome to Tanners play house!

Come on in!

it has a slide to roll the balls down!

Tanner taught Hill how to slide

He also taught Hill how to ride a motorcycle
He took him for a ride on his big hog

Hill liked it so much he jumped on his own moto

They now have a gang
We are so proud.  Hopefully they get tattoos that say "Mom" in a big heart

Tanner showed Hill how to work on his motorcycle

Then tanner played with his tiny motorcycle

The boys being boys

Love this picture

Orange Ball
(and orange snake)
I hate that rubber snake.  It lives on their patio and scares me EVERY time.

Hill likes the snake.  He rode it around in the dump truck

Stopping for a juice break

Tanner dislikes the snake too, but Hill torments him with it anyway.

Then threw it on him.

Tanner then showed us how fast he could run.
He is fast!
 Since Hill is the only child that goes to our church he gets the nursery all to himself when he starts getting disruptive

They have fun toys to play with

And old toys that are a blast from the past

When was the last time you saw one of these?

You can't hide toys from Jesus in the seat of the car, silly!
 After church our vegetable-o-meter was low so we had to go refuel at Lake Tiak-O-Khata in Louisville.  They have funny geese there.

Then we had to do yardwork...

Before / Midway through fighting the mighty jungle

It's hard work being silly

and so dang cute.

and being in charge of the leaf blower's all in a days work.
What a fun weekend with my boys.

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