Tuesday, April 12, 2011

15 minutes, 5 years & 5K - - 5 years

This is the second part of my post.  My wonderful hubby and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary at our old stomping grounds....Oxford.
After Hill's appointment in Memphis on Thursday we hit up the famous Rendezvou for a tasty sausage and cheese plate and rack of ribs.  Chip always wants to eat there when we go to Memphis.  The ambiance of that place just makes us happy. 
My favorite story Chip tells is when he was like 10 years old and he and his family went to eat there.  The waiter abruptly asked what everyone wanted (these guys mean business and aren't the most gentle of men) in his tiny kid voice he said, "Uhhmm, I want some ribs please and some french fries."  The old third generation waiter turned to him and said, "Boy! If you want some french fries you bettah march yo happy ass down to McDonalds.  We ain't got no fries here!"  That stuck with Chip and cracks me up everytime I hear it.

Here's to a new generation...

Hill with his legendary Rendezvou hat on

After getting our bellies full we traveled back down to Oxford to spend the weekend at the Pettit's house.  We had a fun day Friday doing a whole lot of whatever we felt like.  You see in the Hawkins family we plan our trips around food.  As you can see here, we introduced Hill to the awesome blueberry muffins at Bottletree Bakery.
Happy plate!
After Bottletree we went to visit my awesome friend Corinne and her equally awesome sister Lindsey who own the most fabulous shoe store this side of the Mississip' - - LuLu's.  Seriously, go visit you will not be let down.  Love them.  Bought two new pairs of zapatos for my feet.  Now I must get a pedicure so that I can wear them in style.  Great to see you girlies!

Then after LuLu's - even though we live 100 miles away Chip still travels to Jennifer in Oxford to get his hair cut.  She's the only person on this earth that can give Chip a good haircut.  Since my poor son has his daddy's big head and hair we figured she should probably give Hill his second haircut.  He did fantastic.  Jennifer is having her first baby next month; it's a little girl so maybe we can pre arrange her and Hill's marriage so that the boys can get free haircuts. 

We had reservations at Snackbar for Friday night for our 5 year anniversary and we were going to make it a family outing even though our sweet friend Laura offered to keep Hill.  It ended up that we were still full from lunch and hated to spend the money on the lobster mac and cheese we'd talked about and craved all week just to make ourselves miserably full.  So next time we may take Laura up and have a date. 
Friday evening the Pettit's made it to the house and the women and children hit the hay early so that we would be well rested for the 5K.  I dropped the boys off on the Square to go to the Lyric and hear Robert Randolph play then went back home and don't even remember my head hitting the pillow I was so tired.

I will post about the 5K seperately so chronologically you could insert the race here.

After the race we went back to the house and showered because I have never known such heat and sweat in my life...then we went to South Depot Taco Shop and met our good friends the Martin's there.  The taco shop is new and I love it.  I also love Susan, Daniel and Sullivan.  I love them more than tacos which is a whole lot because it was some good eatin' - you know I love good eatin'. 

After we ate Hill became 'THAT' child.  The one that everyone stares at because he's causing a ruckus. I'm sure his squeaker shoes added to the annoyance as he pushed his stroller around to every table in the restaurant.  Yup, it was nap time and we had to cut our visit with the Martin's short.  We all napped the whole rest of the afternoon.  I'm pretty sure I was in a coma.  It was nice to not have anything to do or worry with.  I don't think I've relaxed like that in probably 3 years.  Seriously, I think it's been 3 years.

After our naps we went and got a snocone and the Martin's met us back at the house for a shrimp boil.

Here is a picture of my son licking this rock.
He thought it was funny.

Playing trucks

Sullivan being precious

Tanner drinking his "coffee"
or watermelon snocone - whatever you like to call it.

Hill resting up for the....

Dance party!
And I thought Hill was a dancing machine until I saw Sullivan's mad skillz

Then Hill and Sullivan played with the air vent.
They thought it was 'cool' when the air would blow on their faces.

This was funny.
I have no words. 
Sullivan just plopped his head on the stool and flung his arms back.
I can't believe I caught the moment.

I would love nothing more than to squeeze this sweet boy 24-7!
He is so lovey!
 I will say that I don't think I've ever met an adult with more energy than Daniel (Sullivan's daddy.)  I'm not too sure what your secret is Daniel, but to chase those three boys around all night and play and read and hide in closets - - I'm pretty sure you are a super hero with secret super powers.

Hill playing baseball.
We had the most awesome time with everyone this past weekend.  We are so lucky to have such wonderful friends, I am so lucky to have the best husband and Hill is so lucky to have the best daddy. I look forward to the next 55 years!  I'm sure that they will have more advanced things than a blog by then, but I hope to still be writing about our adventures when we are 85.
Love you all!

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