Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Summer Time With The Family

Here are a bunch of pictures that were taken over the summer with Hill's cousins.
The weekend of May 28th we went down to the coast so daddy could fish and Hill and I could hang out with Aunt Jane Claire, Madison & Addie. We had a blast. We swam, played and took tons of pictures!  Addie and Hill are 15 days apart and it's so fun to watch them play together.
Hey, Addie.  Let me tell you a secret.
The heck you say!

Your secret is safe with me, buddy!
(Addie bottom, Hill top)
Silly Addie with her hand on Hill's head

Addie needed to then tell Hill a secret
(Hill belly up, Addie on stomach)

Your secret is safe with me!
(Addie left, Hill right)

Then Madison wanted to know the secrets!
Such a sweet pretty girl!

So they told her!

Those three silly stinkers!
Madison (4),  Addie (5 months),  Hill (4 months)

So, then we lounged by the pool
Our three favorite girls!
Addie fell asleep in the life jacket.  Life is good.

Then we went out to dinner.
We secretly told the waiter that it was not Al's birthday
He followed our cue.
That Al, he's such a trooper.
Mommy won’t let Hill ride with Daddy on the fishing boat on the coast because himz to little this year. So, the following weekend, June 5th we headed out to the Country Club for Hill’s first boat outing.

What a cool dude

Family photo on the water.

Eating (sucking) his banana through the mesh feeder.
This picture was actually from July 5th, on another boating day

Madison & Addie were able to come and visit one afternoon in Kosciusko.

This is the first official picture of all the Hawkins grandkids.

Shane Preston (2), Hill (5 months), Madison (4), Addie (6 months)

What a fun summer with our cousins!

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