Monday, August 30, 2010

Before & After Surgery

Every week it seems as though someone tells me how much his lip has healed since his surgery.  We see him everyday and sometimes when you see someone everyday you don't always notice changes.  Once a month Chip and I will comment on how from different angles his lip looks like it is healing really well and coming together nicely.  I thought I'd show you a birth picture then a before surgery picture and compare it to what it looks like today.
Birth Picture

April 12, 2010
Being Silly With Katie's Tail
(Before Surgery)

Day After Surgery
First Day of 6-12 month daycare room
(the pink portion of his lip is coming together)

Of course I can't help but wonder how much smoother and together it would have healed by now had he not had the stroller accident.  I think I will probably always beat myself up about that.  I know it wasn't my fault, but anyway.  He's healing fabulously and I am so proud of my bugga boo. 

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