Friday, August 13, 2010

A Caged Animal

Ok, so he's not rabid or anything!  Even though Hill officially crawled yesterdy the 12th he is not crawling everywhere...yet.  He wants to be on the floor and roll to what he wants or reach for things like he has bionic Inspector Gadget arms. Meanwhile he's doing all this while dodging the rock fireplace, tile floors throughout the house, the piano, miniblinds, ovens, stools, dog food bowls, dog hair as well as the three dogs; one of which weighs 116 lbs and would love to sit and play with Hill....or our fear...sit on Hill.
Sooooowwww....(she says long and drawn out waiting for your reaction)  We got him a cage. Not the dogs, but Hill.  Ok, so not like a bad boy, live in the basement, 'Leland get back in your cell' type of cage. Chip calls it his Ultimate Fighting Ring.  To me it is more like a haven; a here is your area for everyone’s safety type of haven.
I even made it homey with his great great grandmothers quilt

They sell these 'cages' at Babies R Us so I don't think the Department of Human Services is going to lock me up. He likes it. I love it. I even get in it and play and watch Mickey Mouse...with him in there...of course, of course.

See!  I like it in here, it's fun!
We will have to get him a tin cup to clank along the sides of the cage.

He likes to lay down and watch Mickey Mouse with Ford the Frog
while Mommy cleans the kitchen.

All this in the safety of his own fenced in area.


Jennifer said...

Can't believe how big that guy is getting! So handsome!
We have/had a haven, too, by the way. It's called the corral. We got it for the boys but Julia has been in there too. It is the way to go, I say.

Gavino said...

you are so my person.....enough said!
love you