Tuesday, August 10, 2010

First Day of School (6-12 month class)

Monday, August 2nd - Hill’s first day of 6-12 month old class at First Baptist daycare.

His teachers are Judy Chipley and Trista Wilkerson. Mrs. Trista was his teacher in the baby room and we were lucky enough to get her again this year! Mrs. Judy is really nice and she takes good care of Hilly-poo too.
I'm such a happy big boy!

Hill has a few new faces in his class, but most of them are familiar to him from outside of school like his BFF Pearce Marquerdt and good friend Will Oliver.

Look at how much he’s grown from when he first started daycare on June 1st to today August 2nd.
I guess I feel the need for him to always wear shoes on the first day of school.  He doesn't wear them any other day of the week.  Maybe I just want to show my Texas people that Mississippi kids do have shoes?
As for me, I was a basket case for about a week then got over myself.  I told Chip that if every time Hill has to change rooms I want to become a stay at home mom then we have big problems.  It's totally just me, Hill loves to play with his friends and flirt with the teachers.
We are so lucky to have such a sweet munchkin!

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