Friday, July 09, 2010

What's going on?

Hill just wanted to check in right quick and show you what he's been doing the past couple days.

Hanging out with his Katie Goose on the blankets

Right back at cha' babe!

Everybody sing!

So, this is when it gets crazy. 
Last week I went to make his bottle and here is how I left him.

Came back less than 60 seconds later and this is how I found him.

He seems to be a private roller over-er.  It's like the Loch Ness Monster or Big Foot.  There may be photographic proof, but you've never seen it happen.  

He wants to stand up all the time (with help) and he can sit up by himself (for a good 15 seconds.) 

He is still happy as ever even though right now himz iz sick.  I'd have never known it had this rash not showed up all over him.  Weird.  Anyway, he's gonna make it.  I wasn't sure for a second.  I have a secret confession to make.  He saw Dr. Alford and Dr. Alford was saying his rash, yadda yadda, no fever yadda yadda, then he said his lymphnodes and paused.  Do you know how many lengthy thoughts can run through one persons mind in a 2 second lul in the conversation?  I'm thinking in my head.  Oh my God, lymphnodes...I studied this in my pharmaco economics class.  He has cancer, lymphoma, something horrid.  (spastic much?) Anyway, what he said after 2 seconds was it may be an infection.  Oh...yeah, well...that could be the lymphnodes would show.  Anyway, we are just treating with Tyleonl and Motrin rotating them every 2 hours as needed.  He's fine.  We kept him out of daycare for 2 days and all will be well with the world.
I also confessed my booger sucking compulsion to Dr. Alford.  I feel like Hill continually needs his boogers sucked by the asperator thing.  I will probably have to go to some sort of rehab because Hill has learned to HATE it.  He use to smile as if to say, "Thanks mom!  thanks for getting that boogie!"

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