Monday, July 12, 2010

Happy Birthday, Hill ~ 6 months ~

Six months ago today my sweet bugga boo was born.  I've never been so smitten in my life.  I don't know if I knew what smitten meant until I had my Hilly-poo.

I would post no less than 6,000 pictures here for you today, but my phone (where all the action is recorded) was lost, then found, now is in transit back to me.

Here is an update of what the sweetest cutest boy in the world can do.
* He can roll over from his back to his stomach as of yesterday. 
* Because he rolls over...when he sleeps he rolls to his stomach (scares me, but if you flip him over, he just goes right back to his stomach)
* He has always been a big dancer, but he LOVES music and likes to shake his booty and twist.
* He prefers to stand up.  He's been doing this a little over a month.  He wants to stand up (with you holding his hands.)  I think he likes not being confined to the floor.
* He can sit up for a good 10 - 15 seconds before he gets top heavy and slowly falls to the side.
*Since birth the boy has had a grip.  As you know I don't have any athletic aspirations for my son due to his parents lack in that department. Yet, Hill is so strong...and he knows it.  He can pull hair, shake toys, pull on bouncy seats and you can't get him to let go. 
* He LOVES to pet the dogs.  Foxy Mama loves him so much.  She kisses his feet and is very protective of him.  Ever since he was born, if you came over to hold him she would be at your feet making sure you did it right and didn't drop him.  She's still tha way and keeps a watchful eye over her little boy.  Hill is Foxy Mamas person.
* He's gotten into this thing for about a week now where he rocks back and forth if he's sitting in your lap. Keep the motion in the ocean I guess?
* He eats frutis in the morning and veggies at night with 6 oz bottles every 3-4 hours.  He usually doesn't let you get to far past 3 hours though. 
* He says Mama and Dada, but only when prompted.  I think he says 'Hey' a lot.  I know I always walk in the room and say "Hey, Buddy" and he makes a noise as if to say Hey back...maybe it's a grunt.
* The child smiles.  The child has smiled since he was too young to even think about smiling.  His smile and his big laugh just melt my heart.  He's always happy unless he's hungry or sleepy - and his dad will attest that he gets that from me.  I will take responsibility for that.  I mean heck, the kid had to have gotten something from me right?  Looks, nope.  Feet, nope.  I've got nothing!  I'll claim the mean streak.
* I have deemed him the Wal-Mart greeter at daycare.  He sits up front with the ladies early in the morning and then late afternoon before time to go home.  He smiles and laughs at everyone.  AND FLIRTS!  Oh, the boy has moves.  Look out laides!  Hill drops that chin, tilts that head, cuts those eyes and gives you the biggest grin ever.  Flirt!
* His lip is healing well.  It's come together a lot more over the past 2 months.  He goes for a check up on Thursday, July 15th.  I assume we will have to have another surgery eventually.  Yet, I may be mistaken because he changes daily and his lip and nose may heal 100% over the next 6 months or so?

I hate the ol' cliche (insert nasaly voice here) - 'They grow up so fast.' 
Yet, it's so stinkin' true!  I can tell you most every thing that has gone on over the last 6 months, but I cannot belive it's been 6 months.  Oh how I love this little boy and want to just kiss on him and eat him up every day. 
Thank you God for blessing us with the sweetest most precious angel from heaven.  You couldn't have picked a better one for us!  We'll keep him!

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