Friday, July 02, 2010


Every time someone sees Hill for the first time they immediately say "Oh my goodness I didn't know he had so much hair!" It's true. Once again, he takes after his daddy because I didn't have hair until I was like 3 - my parents had to tape bows to my head. Both Chip and I had really really blonde hair when we were young. Chip still has his, but mine darkened up and it's getting pretty grey. Anyway, that's neither here nor there.

I tried to 'fro' up Hill's hair after his bath so you could see how much he has. It's hard to see in regular pictures because it's so blonde that he looks bald. He's probably going to need to get a hair cut soon because some wild hairs are starting to fall over his ears! I'm serious, it's crazy. The back is not long like the top because he sleeps on his back and when he's sleepy he rubs his head back and forth as if to shake his head no and I think it rubbed all the hair off. Not to worry, he's not bald back there just peach fuzz, like a military crew cut in the back.

I told my mom that I could probably put it in a pony tail on top. She suggested I not, because he is a boy. I also have to stop calling his diapers panties. Yes, yes, I know he's a boy and boys don't wear panties. I can't help it though. I call Chip's boxers panties too. I think it's a funny word. Panties - pronounced 'pannies.' I don't like it when the T is pronounced or enunciated it takes the fun out of the word.

Well, alright. Now you know the random thoughts that run through my head more ofthen than they probably should.

I struggled with a title to this blog because I didn't think Hair & Panties was an appropriate title. Then I thought about quoting Raising Arizona - "Son, you've got a panty on your head." But I didn't think you'd know what in the world I was talking about. So...I settled with simply 'Hair.'


sm2 said...

you calling chip's boxers panties has always cracked me up. one of the many reasons i love you. oh and you saying tt/poo poo. and your knowledge of that line from raising arizona. man, i love you alot. Hill is still fabulously adorable. Got to get these boys together soon!

Rachel said...

Susan, Will you be around the weekend of the 30th? A group of us are coming to Oxford for the weekend and bringing our kiddos. We should get together if ya'll aren't busy!