Thursday, July 01, 2010

We Have A Tooth!

Tonight, Hill stuck my hand in his mouth as if to say; "Lady, looky here. I've gotta tooth in there! Feel it!"
I thought he may be teething but never did I expect it to just pop on up. He wasn't all drooly and irritable like I'd read and heard about. Yesterday he wasn't himself, even daycare thougt so. Now we know why! But... I don't want to jinx myself because he has 19 more teeth to go and who knows how easy those will come in?
I looked in his mouth and it's the bottom front right tooth just sitting there broken through and sticking out. The bottom front left should reveal itself in the next day or two as well.
I told his Daddy that we need to get that boy a toothbrush! Himz needs to go to the dentist and get himz one tooth cleaned and shined up!
I'd post pictures but it would just look like the inside of a toothless mouth because it's just broken through. Plus, have you ever tried photographing the inside of a 5 (almost 6) month olds mouth? It's impossible!
Sassy said he will be eating steak before long!

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