Thursday, June 10, 2010

Rare Breed

I was looking in the newspaper classifieds under the free pets. Don’t worry I’m not adding anyone else to my zoo. I like to read about the animals and pray that some abusive toothless person that wears cut off shorts and wife beaters doesn’t take these free animals and neglect them thinking little Jr. needs a playmate. So as I’m finding all these free kittens and puppies I come across 3 Female CHIPOMPOOS. I’m thinking half monkey half poodle? It may be one of those Chinpokomon kid toys? I’m talking out the enunciation out loud to myself. I couldn’t get it.

Finally I had to google it….boy was I way off. Totally off. I was reading it Chip-om-poos. Low and behold it is a Chi – pom – poo. Say it with me now… chipompoo.

The best I can decipher from this strange four legged creature is this family tree. This took me a while to put together so I hope you appreciate my being a visual learner.

I've come to the conclusion that the newspaper misspelled this word - if it truly is a word.  I would call it a chipomapoo but they called it a chipompoo.  Call it what you will I may call the sellers just so I can see what this creature looks like.
Google did not have a picture of such breed because I’m sure they only exist in rare exotic places in the world…. like rural Mississippi.

If you add a cute little boy named Hill in the mix you have a Chillpomapoo



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melanie said...

oh my lord, girl. i love you. i really do. you always make me smile, laugh, and pee my pants...
thank you for being you!