Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Kisses and Carrots

So, I picked up Hill yesterday from daycare and he was in one piece, still smiling and happy to see me and give me the kisses I’d missed out on. I love his kisses they are the open mouth kind where if he lands on your nose he will chomp down and suck on your nose. Most of the time he lands on my cheek and gets it slobbery. I love it. He’s my big kissy face.

I do have to say that Katie Lou gives good kisses too. She licks all over the face. The sweetest is when you are sad and she kisses your eyes. The funniest is when you yawn and she tries to kiss in your mouth. That Silly Goose. Foster is not allowed to give kisses at our house due to his breath smelling like a seafood dumpster. Foxy Mama will give hand kisses unless you are Hill then she will kiss the top of the head or bottoms of the feet.

Anyway, enough kissy talk. Last night I had to take Hill with me to my Junior Auxiliary meeting since Chip was out of town. Aunt Meryl was there and played with him until Ta-Ta (Tasha Grantham) came and she called dibs on the holding of Hill. So, the meeting was in session and there was a brief lull in the conversation where Mr. Gassy McGas Butt decided to let one rip. The timing was impeccable and the culprit couldn’t have been better planned. Immediately I said, “Geez Tasha!” It was hilarious! So glad Ta-Ta is a good sport.

Tomorrow Tina & Craig Graham (and Peyton too) will welcome sweet Colton into the world. I can’t wait to meet him and for Hill to have another buddy!

Also a special shout out to my long time friends Tina & Hector Manriquez who welcomed sweet baby Melanie into the world last week! I can’t imagine how sweet this little girl is since her mom and dad are probably the sweetest, nicest, most in love couple I have ever met in my life. Precious!

My mom just informed me that she may live another 40 years!  Maybe it was a warning?  Anyway, tomorrow June 3rd will be my Great Aunt Martha's 103rd birthday.  Yes, One Hundred and Three Years old!  Can you imagine all the things she's seen in her life time?  Absolutely amazing, and she is in good health just hasn't been able to hear well as long as I've know her...which is 30 years!  Happy Birthday Dear Aunt Martha!  We love you!

I leave you with Hill eating carrots.  I was so worried his face would be stained orange forever and people would think he tried to eat the self tanning lotion.  Once we had a bath, he was back to his normal color.  As for the bib, we won't know until the Spray and Wash kicks in... Cindy, I need darker colored bibs babe.  I hope his dump truck survives the carrots.  If not, it's ok we will still use it because that means it's doing it's job!


sm2 said...

So sweet! Glad he survived his first day (and you too)! I finally broke down and bought like a 10 pack of cheap, longer, darker, terry clothy bibs. All our cute ones were getting horribly stained! Also, Sullivan is drooling so much with the teeth coming in, he goes through about 4 bibs at daycare alone! Love those slobber kisses!

Cortni said...

Hill passing gas at JA was absolutely hysterical!!!Too cute! Love it!!!!