Tuesday, June 08, 2010

The Busy Weekend of Firsts

This past weekend Hill had tons of stuff to do. Saturday was his first time to go to the farmers market, a birthday party, in the ski boat and float on the lake.  All in one day!  It's hard work being so fun!

Here are pictures of the adventure.  
Sweet Swayze and her precious mama, Marsha,  put on the best birthday party ever.  
Given it was Hill's first birthday party to attend and he doesn't have anything to compare it to, but we seriously doubt Swayze's 5th birthday can be topped. There was candy everywhere and cupcakes and cake and hot dogs and Cheetos and bouncy things and gift bags and presents. Here is Cooper showing us how it's done.

It probably wasn't appropriate for Chip and I to partake in all the fun and eat all the food and candy, but... we did, and it was tasty.  I will say we didn't jump in the bouncy thing, but it wasn't because we didn't want to.  We'd have crushed the tiny kids and Chip is very competitive and would have been a bully or something.  Poor Hill, his parents will never grow up.
The Party Boys

We got to hang out with our best buddy Pearce!  His family throws great parties! We are waiting for his mama to send us the pictures of Hill and Pearce on the bouncy thing and a picture of Hill and the Birthday Girl. 

After the birthday party we headed out to the Country Club to go riding in the ski boat and float around the lake.

Here is our sweet boy living la vida loca.

He's really not sunbathing, he's under a patio with SPF 50, a hat a shirt and sunglasses. Lord I was so scared of him getting burned!

This is Hill sleeping in his float at the lake.  I kept making sure the life jacket wasn't suffocating him, it looked so uncomfortable.  He managed to sleep the entire time just chilling out.  Because the life jacket was so big and bulky he was like a big doll.  Everyone joked that he looked like Bernie from the movie Weekend at Bernie's because he couldn't move and would just sit there.  What a trooper.  Here is Hill and his daddy in the water.

The lake was such a fun time, the Pettit's were there to play with us too!
Whitney, Tanner & Hart

Early that Saturday morning Kosciusko had it's debut to the Attala County Farmers Market.  I just may be the most excited citizen in Attala County.  I didn't get pictures of the event itself, but I did take pictures of the goods I bought and what I did with them.

So, Rachel....what did you do with the goods from the farmers market?
I made fresh home grown baby food chocked full of vitamins and nutrients!

Squash, cucumbers and zucchinis
I think we may have spent like $3 or $4 on ALL of these veggies combined.

So, I thought I'd make Hilly-poo some squash since he's been eating solids for a couple weeks now.  The lady at the market (and my recipe book) said to steam the veggies because when you boil them all the nutrients are taken out of them.  So I found a use for the steamer I bought ump-teen years ago at a Pampered Chef or Tupperware party in a previous life. 

I sliced the squash, skin on - which is TBD if that is right or not - put it in the steamer and microwaved it for like 6 minutes.

Stuck them in the food processor that I bought last year at Dirt Cheap for $15 preparing for this moment.

Then this is the final product!  Pureed Squash...

My next step is to spoon the food into ice cube trays and put them in a ziploc in the freezer.  This way I can pop out a cube when it comes time to eat.  The food lasts up to 6 weeks, but Hill has already put a big dent in his yum-o squash! 

Chip made me stir fry with zucchini and squash and I'd have taken a picture but I ate it all.  It was so fresh and fabulous. 

We cannot wait until this coming Saturday when we can go and get MORE fresh veggies from our local farmers market!  I suggest you do the same...hope to see you there!


Jennifer said...

Hill's swim attire is simply adorable!!!! I love the matching hat! And how impressive that you made homemade baby food - I bet Hill did love it!

Tanner said...

gosh your blog always makes me smile! you are one of the most hilarious people ever:) i wish i lived closer to you. i mean, tanner needs to have some hill time, so maybe we will see yall at the lake this summer. hill is adorable. and your fresh smushed up veggies for hill look very tasty. super mom. :)

Rachel said...

Thanks, Laura! Let us know when ya'll are coming to town because we would LOVE to hang out at the lake.