Thursday, June 17, 2010

Final Decision

After massive hours of R&D (research and discussion) with numerous mothers about my carseat debacle.  I made an executive decision and my child will be safer than safe for the next few years with the Britax Marathon Labyrinth. I may have even shed a tear of frustration along the way.  Then when I told Chip the cost he stroked out and may have shed a tear, but I assured him that this was not some boat he was fixing up this is our childs safety.  Way to throw a guilt trip to get what I want, right?
This is what his new ride will look like. 
It's fancy. 


sm2 said...

I have been very happy with our new britax! Sullivan definitely likes it better than his old infant graco. And it makes me feel better about his safety. Daniel nearly stroked out at the price too. :)

l cummins said...

You'll like the Marathon. And it's very tall (compared to the Roundabout) so it should grow with him for several years. Andersen still fits comfortably in hers at 4 1/2...
Cute cover, too. Hill is going to be so excited!