Thursday, March 04, 2010

New Trend & Diaper Changing 101

Today is so beautiful that Hill and I are out on the patio blogging.

We are trying to get into more of a routine because we are both getting a little cabin fever.  He had his first round of his 2 month shots on February, 24th and he was such a big boy, only cried for like 30 seconds!  The doctor said to get him out and about so he can figure out his days and nights. He's started eating cereal at night and manages to get in a good 6 1/2 hours most every night.  Which is fabulous because as bitter sweet as it is I go back to work on Wednesday, March 10th.

I have been procrastinating on cleaning out my closet because I'm still not in my 'regular' clothes, but want to take out the clothes that are to big so I can feel a little better about my work attire and not look like the slum I felt like during my pregnancy.

In the process of procrastination, I've come up with a new trend.  Well I guess it's not a trend yet because it hasn't officially become the "to do" thing.  Hear me out.  I LOVE that we received so many casseroles and food every other night. Wow, you have NO idea how big of a blessing that has been.  I just ate some chicken enchiladas with mexican rice we've had in the frezer that my wonderful coworkers brought. 
So, my new trend works the same way as the casseroles. You send out an email to anyone interested in participation with dates and times they are available, but instead of food you organize a day and time to go walking.  I know it has been the wackiest of weather during my maternity leave, but it may work for some new mothers.  It doesn't have to be a far walk and you don't have to get out there and power walk or run marathons, but it's a good way to get fresh air and quality time with friends. 

Just throwing it out there.  I find I exercise more and stick to it when I have a partner.  Plus, if you have a different person to walk with every day or every other day then you aren't bragging to the same people over and over how your baby is the most precious prodigy, genius, special being on the plant.  Plus, if time allows, you can ask them how things are going in their life and get the scoop on the outside world of baby jail.

To make sure I still have readers out there, answer me this...
How do you change your baby in a public restroom?
I have the most adorable changing pads and am confused about keeping them sanitary. If you use the Koala Care things you pull down in public restrooms you are laying the outside of your pad on the public table top, but then if you have an 'accident' then the part you lay your baby on isn't too sanitary.  What is the best method for putting it back into the diaper bag and not 'contaminationg' other stuff when one side has touched public stuff and the other has baby stuff?
Can't wait to hear your feedback!
Miss you all!


Britt said...

I wrapped the toliet seat very well then sat on it and layed them in my lap. Then the changing pad had my lap germs on it. Also I kept a plastic bag in the diaper bag to put the changing pad in so it did not touch the other things and also, my diaper bag had a side puch that the changing pad fit in.

DenKag said...

He looks so adorable and sweet. Sorry, I'm no help with changing in a public restroom. :) Can you keep a journal of all these tidbits your collecting for when I DO have a kid?

Rachel said...

Great advice, Britt! I will have to see if my changing pad fits in the side part. If not, then a plastic sack should work.

Rachel said...

I will for sure try to post trying questions like this on my blog for future moms. I thought about you and Tyre when we were in New Orleans. We were at the doctors office and there was a cute daddy that looked like Tyre and he was so good and playing with his little boy. I know T will be a wonderful dad some day...when ya'll are ready...without pressure from friends and family. :)

Jennifer said...

What a sweet little boy!! So glad y'all are getting to go outside and enjoy this beautiful day!! I would love to be included in the walking plan - I so need some exercise. (by the way, we do lots of diaper changes in the car - lay him out on your back seat, or sometimes we even open the back and lay him down there!)

Melanie said...

well you had to know I would chime in.....Sometimes I would buy the disposable changing pads for public restrooms. But I have also put germx on a wipee and wipe the restroom changing thing off before I put my changing pad down.
But changing in the car or my lap has always been the easiest for me.

l cummins said...

Oh, you're not supposed to use those changing stations in public restrooms?!

l cummins said...

Ok, ok, I was just kidding. I know they're gross. But, I'm not going to lie. A few of my kids have been changed on one after a thorough "wipe down". They made it. Sometimes you just have to do what you have to do.
And your walking strategy sounds is definitely easier to get yourself there if you know you'll have a partner. Count me in!

megs said...

What's a public restroom?:) I just poke holes in a plastic Walmart bag (because that's clean).. big enough for my baybay's legs and tie a knot in the back. Then you have an instant diaper "protector" so you never have to change them..regardless the length of the trip. Totally sanitary. Hope this helps!!

Jennifer said...

Good luck going back to work tomorrow! EEK!

Re: the bathroom -- I opt for the passenger side of the car whenever possible, or even the back but right now that's really muddy. So I just do what I have to on the public changing tables when I have to use them. The boys' baby stroller reclined and they got changed a lot in that with the back reclined.

When I have changed Julia on the public Koala things I just put her on there (no pad) but if it looks questionable I wipe the thing down w/a baby wipe.