Monday, March 15, 2010


Here are the pictures from my surprise birthday party on March 6th that my sweet hubby planned.  I'm not sure how he was able to keep it from me because we are the type that buy birthday or Christmas presents and then give them to the other before the event. He's getting sneeky on me.  So are my friends!  Thanks to all of my friends that helped Chip make the party come together.  It really was surprising.....see for your self.

I walked in my house and there were a ton of people standing there.

Even Katie Lou was in on the surprise!

Still just so confused, yet happy and shocked,
but wondering where everyone's cars were.

Hello there super yum cake and party food that
my awesome friends put together!
(party food is my favorite food)

I am so glad that my husband and friends did such a sweet thing for me.  Ringing in my big 3-0 was fun even though I really dislike surprises, I will forgive you all for not being so forth coming. 
Poor Marsha was afraid to call me for a week straight for fear of spilling the beans! 
After I found out about the party a lot of weird things finally made sense.

Thirty starts a new chapter and I am ready for it to begin.  A lot of positive life changes are taking place including the addition of my sweet little Hill. Here are a couple of pictures to show you just how sweet my little booger bear is. 

After 8 weeks of fist sucking and panic when we couldn't find Ford the Frog, Hill found his thumb again.  It has been a while since he actually sucked his thumb, but last night he was going to town on that silly thing.  I think it's probably the most adorable thing I've ever seen in my life.  Well, other than him coughing.  I know, it's bad for him to have to cough, it's usually a sign of choking, but I think when he coughs it's cute...he makes that O with his little mouth and coughs so tiny. EAT HIM UP! 


The Pettits said...

Aw..... I hope he's a thumb sucker like my tan-man!

Tanner said...

Hill is so sweet! He is growing fast...Enjoy every second of it! And, Happy 30th to you!