Monday, March 22, 2010

Big Busy Weekend!

Hill has been a busy bee! Maybe we are starting him out right, he totally prefers to not sit at home, but to go out and see the world! Not only has the boy visited New Orleans, LA by the time he was 13 days old and Memphis, TN by the time he was three weeks old he has cumulatively been to 3 states. He's been more places in his 10 weeks than most people have been in their whole life!

This beautiful weekend was no exception for outdoor activity and adding new adventures to Hills’ repertoire. Friday day Hill and his Daddy went out to Mr. Al’s cabin to help him fix his satellite dish. I have a feeling that this is the first of many trips to come with ‘the boys.’ Hill got to see moo cows and donkeys and tractors and our ski boat because that is where we store it during the winter. (We will get to how ready he is for that in a minute) We told Daddy to take the camera so he could have his picture taken with the donkeys, but he forgot. We will have to do that soon. Then Friday night Hill and I walked down to the neighbors’ house, the Davis’. Mrs. Leanne and Mr. Brent are always so nice, they blackened crappie for dinner and we watched a movie. Friday night Hill slept for about 9 hours. What a fun long day!

Hill loves Mrs. Leanne. He knows how to butter her up because we always tell him what good cookies, brownies and rice crispy treats she makes us all the time. He wants to be in her good graces.

So then Saturday was a big day and was full of firsts. Hill had his first ‘photo shoot.’ Mrs. Sukie came over to the house and took no less than 48,727,689,756 pictures of Hill. We had a blast. Well, I did. Hill would get frustrated from being naked or changing clothes…again, and his daddy was the only one that could make him smile. Thank goodness for Daddy! Sukie got some GREAT shots and I can’t wait to share them with yall. After having his pictures taken he had to take a nap. It’s hard work being so cute.

Once he woke up he had no idea it would be the best afternoon ever… we went to Wal-Mart! Yes, yes it is sad. The most happening place in Kosciusko is Wal-Mart. It was inevitable. I was going to have to take him there eventually. I couldn’t shelter him forever. After all, the kid visited New Orleans when he was 13 days old. If his tiny immune system could handle New Orleans then Wal-Mart should be a breeze! Oh boy, did he have fun! He even got his first sticker to commemorate the occasion. I told the greeter that this was his first visit and if she minded if I took a picture of her giving him the sticker. He was so excited!! I think he loves her. This picture just cracks me up, I love it.

Thanks greeter lady at Wal-Mart! You are truly the nicest lady in the whole world.

Hill wanted to play with her all day long.

As if that wasn’t enough excitement, Daddy bought him his first life jacket! Hill is officially ready for summer. He’s seen the boat and is psyched. I bought Baby Coppertone Wal-Mart this winter when it was $2 instead of $9 for JJ and I to use on the boys as we chill in the lake at the Country Club. I got Hill an adorable bathing suit with shirt and matching hat at Babies R Us. He is pretty much set. I even have a shovel and bucket for him to make sand castles or pies with. I guess I should take it one step at a time. Maybe he should learn to hold his head up first? After all, he’s only 10 weeks old.

So here is a picture of Hill lying down taking a nap in his life jacket.

Here is a picture of Hill sitting up in his life jacket. Not too comfy.
I think we must have to have water to make this work right.
Hill is a Capricorn.  Not associated with water.  Chip is an Aquarius and I am a Pices, both water signs.
It's inevitable that Hill love the water, it's in his blood.  I mean it must be if he can sleep in an extremely uncomfortable life jacket as his mother takes pictures.

So after another nap, we went to our new friends’ house – Jason and Gena. They are great and invited Hill to come over and play too. There was a house full of people and we had a great time.

Jason and Gena, our new friends that are cutie patooties!

Old friends were there like Mr. Ryan

And we always love Mrs. Kayla, she is so silly. 

After staying up too late we went home. As if Hill wasn’t the most precious sleeping snuggle bear the whole time we were at our new friends house he slept until 8am the next morning, ate then slept again until 10am. Thanks, Hill for letting Mommy get her snooze on. Thanks, Daddy for waking up with him.

So, we woke up Sunday mid morning and went to eat lunch in Louisville at Lake Tiak O’Khata. Those waitresses wanted to eat him up! I can’t say I don’t blame them. Then after lunch we went to the Louisville Wal-Mart because I was looking for a couple things in particular that they didn’t have in Kosy. This time Hill didn’t get a sticker, I don’t even think we saw a greeter?!? Anyway, it was ok we were on a mission. Chip needed a new tackle box and I wanted to get Hill and outdoor swing for his Easter present. We found both, and I also found that Hill’s formula is $3 cheaper at that Wal-Mart. Why is that? So, I stocked up.

We came back to Kosciusko and Chip organized his new tackle box into saltwater / freshwater compartments for our trip to the coast this coming weekend. JJ, Allen and Harvey are meeting me, Chip and Hill down in Diamondhead at the condo. The big boys are going to go fishing while the mommies and little boys go to the outlet mall and hang out. We hope to meet up with Aunt Jane Claire and our sweet cousins Madison and Addie while we are there.

Anyway, after a long long weekend of fun filled happiness we went to Chip’s dads house for dinner. We have a cheat night on our diet and had saved it up for Joyce’s cooking. We ate quail (that Chip hunted weekend before last), rice, gravy, green beans and bacon. Then we topped off the evening with a taste test of Little Debbie vs. Hostess Chocolate Cupcakes. Hands down, Little Debbie wins. No contest.

Hill was tuckered out with his Na Na.

What a great weekend.

Uncle Jason must have had a great weekend too.  He sent us this picture of the 13 lb. lobster claw he cooked the other day.  It's one claw was bigger than both of his hands! Have you EVER seen such?
I hope he's not planning to put it in that tiny pot on the stove!

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