Thursday, February 18, 2010

New Tactic

Ok, new tactic.  I have felt like I needed to update everyone in chronological order of my days and events that have happened since I entered motherhood.  I've come to the conclusion that because I can't keep up with my blog daily at this point I will update what's going on now and then occasionally flash back to get you all back up to speed. 
So, instead of starting with his birth story, I will be starting with week 5 random day.

I never know at what point in Hill's life to use certain things.  He doesn't seem interested in toys yet and just looking at his mobile doesn't seem like much fun.  Yet, my boy loves his paci...that is when someone will sit there for hours on end and hold it in his mouth.  He finds his thumb on rare occasion, but doesn't keep it in there for longer than 45 seconds before that's old news to him.  Maybe that's where all my time has gone?  Holding a paci.  I'm not sure if it's because of his young age or his cleft lip that he's unable to hold it in there, but God must have agreed it was getting a bit silly and night before last I uncovered a gift that he's not to young to use!

Meet Ford.  That is what his name tag said, but I just might name him Prince Charming because he came in and swept me off my feet.  Well, I should say he came in and let me sleep.

He has a paci on his head!  I kid you not.  He's light weight, but lays there at an angle where Hill can suck on his paci head and hold him and it not come out of his mouth.  GREAT INVENTION!  Better than Chip's idea of strapping the paci to his head somehow.  I thought I might come home one day and there be tape wrapped around Hill's head or a rubber band of sorts holding in his paci.  Instead this is what it looks like in action.  Way better than scotch tape.

How cute is my little kissy face? Don't you just want to eat him up?

Also, we have a couple new friends.  They are bright and fun and like to swing with him.  One doesn't have a name yet and the other goes by Big Bird, you may know him.

Here he is just hanging out with his buddies.


sm2 said...

Where did you get that paci toy? Sullivan doesn't seem to like his paci unless he's in the car, but even then he loses it and I'm trying to put it back in while driving! Maybe this would solve our problem! Looking forward to hanging with you guys next weekend!

Rachel said...

Susan, I am going tomorrow to get another one - - I will pick one up for Sullivan and bring it next weekend.
We are looking forward to it too!

DenKag said...

That is a brilliant invention. He is just precious!