Sunday, January 03, 2010

Happy New Year! Come on out!

New Years was fantastic. We had a great time at Kittrell's in Lexington,  MS with our friends Kim Wiggers,  Dick Carter, the Pettits and the Vances. Good food, good friends, good band.......what more can you ask for?  I will post pictures soon.

New Years Day was relaxing.  Chip made red beans and rice and I made cole slaw, for the cabbage.  I ate all the cabbage myself because as you all know Chip doesn't eat veggies or greenery of any type.  Someone has to eat for prospertiy around here.  I made corn bread for the first time and it was actually good!  Chip went hunting and Whitney came over to watch The Hangover and play Super Mario Brothers.

Saturday, January 2nd was the 2010 Cotton Bowl.  In 2009, Ole Miss played the last Cotton Bowl in the old Stadium and this year they played the first Cotton Bowl in the new stadium.  We brought home wins both times!  Go Rebs!

In true Hawkins fashion we cooked up a bunch of food for the game like hot wings, lemon pepper wings, jalapeno deer meat wrapped with bacon, pineapple deer meat wrapped with bacon, red beans and rice, cream cheese and picapepper, chips, and other stuff that Chef Boy R Chippy cooked up.  Who was going to eat all this food?  We didn't know until they got here and ended up having a house full of people and not one left over.  We love to have people over and cook and entertain. 

After the game we played Rock Band and then true to Rachel fashion when I get tired....I just go to bed.  Everyone knows this.  I'm not being rude, I expect you to stay around and hang out and have a good time, but if I'm tired...I go to bed.  I haven't really felt bad or been tired, but just feel like I've been hit by an 18 wheeler...all 18 tires.  I feel like I have the flu but without feeling bad...only achy and immobile.

Disclaimer: I'm a whiney butt and pull out the violins.
My hips and pelvis don't really work.  I know it's because Hill is taking his mark. I can't get up and down and then the swelling in my feet has not gone down since New Years, which is weird because after I lay in bed and sleep - - when I wake up they are usually semi normal again.  No such luck these past three days. As a matter of fact I took at warm bath at like 11:00 last night and then this morning at like 2am my hands, arms and face were so swollen I called the doctor.  I've never called the emergency line before but was a little concerned about the fact my watch almost didn't come off it was so tight.  The emergency line is crazy fast.  They said someone would call me back within 15 was more like 15 seconds.  Since we all know Dr. North is not on call because he went to the Cotton Bowl, Dr. Johnson called me back.  She suggested that I elevate my legs above my heart for the swelling.  So that lasted for like an hour in the recliner, then I had to go back to my bed.  I get RLS (Restless Leg Syndrome) when I sit in the recliner for too long.  I always want to lay on my side in bed.

Now I'm up, I'm awake and blown up like a beached whale.  I think Hill is coming soon.  The dogs think Hill is coming soon too.  They are so clingy and want to lay right up on me.  They have that crazy sixth sense.  We are all super ready for his sweet little big self to come on out and play!  Hopefully tomorrow we will know so much more.  Now that Dr. North is back in the vacinity I am even more hopeful Hill will come before my appointment tomorrow at 3:30.

I think I'm becoming that annoying pregnant lady.  I have enjoyed my pregnancy so much, it's so weird that you hit this certain point and it's like...ok, enough now.  Let's get this show on the road!  I've been so patient to meet my little boy....I'm ready to kiss those fat cheeks!  Bring em' on!!


Jennifer said...

Can't wait to hear (and see) about Hill. I can Amen right at ya re: the readiness, however I was complaining from month two (or earlier) to be done with pregnancy this last go-round. You're so close to the finish line, Rachel! Go girl!

Jennifer said...

OK where are you?! Have you given birth?!