Thursday, January 28, 2010

Excuses, Excuses

Well I have good excuses for not blogging.  The main one is that my son, who is 16 days old today, and I spent the first 3 days of his life in the hospital then went home on Friday the 15th.  Then that Sunday we went for our 2 day check up at the hospital in Jackson only to find he'd lost a lot of weight and we had to come back 2 days later.  So we went back that Tuesday and he still needed another weigh in so we went back that Friday.  We scheduled an appointment for the following Monday to New Orleans Childrens Hospital to have the cleft team evaluate him.  So back in the car that Sunday to drive to the condo on the coast only to travel to New Orleans Monday and back home to Kosciusko that same night.  Then yesterday, Wednesday we had our 2 week check up at the pediatrician in Jackson.  *and breathe* excuse is that for 9 days I have been on the road more than in my house.  My poor son thinks we are homeless and live in a car.  Good thing he's a fabulous traveler!

Everyday I think about you guys and crave to blog, but all the clocks around me seem to be sucking up the time and I don't know where it goes.  I made a pact with myself that I wasn't going to blog until I finished these 34 million six hundred eighty two thousand and four thank you notes I have to catch up on.  I am trying to stick to my guns, which in turn deprives you of my rendition of the past 2 weeks.  Soon enough my friends, soon enough.  You have been somewhat patient with me as I try to get my act together...just a little bit longer and I'll be back on track!

Even Chip told me last night that I needed to update my blog.  I cut my eyes at him like really?  We've been so lazy and not busy I should be ashamed of myself.  Then we just cracked up laughing.

Miss you all so much! I haven't been able to catch up on ANYONE'S blog!  I am in withdrawl!  Going into DT (detox) shakes.  So if all of you could just not blog until I get my act together...that'd be great. Thanks!

I leave you with a precious pic of my little Hill. This is not a glamour shot nor did I cheesily pose him. He loves his hands at his face. He's just naturally adorable.

Love ya,

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Jennifer said...

Girlfriend! You have been BUSY! Dang! Hill is the sweetest patootie, I just want to smooch him! So dang cute. Are you getting enough sleep?

Question, too: what is this you say about a condo on the coast? We are looking at renting something on VRBO when we go visit Scott's folks in a few weeks. Do you guys have a condo?