Monday, January 11, 2010

Post Written on Thursday...

Sorry I am just now posting this.  It's been sitting in Draft Mode since Thursday.  As you can imagine I've been running around like a spastic goon!  It is now Monday, January 11, 2009 and I have finally figured out the internet connection at the Hampton Inn of Flowood.  Since I really need to be getting some shut eye for Hill's big arrival at 7am in the morning I won't post activities from Friday thru today until later on when I get settled in the hospital.  As for now I am laying in bed eating a monster bag of peanut M&M's and Chip is eating his left over bleu cheese topped ribeye from dinner. Such is life.... is the scoop from last week that I am just now posting.

Here I am!  I feel like this week has been a whirlwind.  Tomorrow, Friday, is my last day of work and seems as though every time I look at something it reminds me of something else I need to do.  I hope to tackle all those monsters today and wrap everything up nice and neat before tomorrow.

We should rewind to Monday, my doctors appointment.  Some of you know that my doctors office is new and fancy and looks like a casino or hotel from the outside. Inevitably by the time I drive from Kosciusko to Jackson I need to use the bathroom because that is Hill's favorite spot to sit while riding in the bladder.  Then it's not like I can just go on and go to the bathroom because everything runs like clock work in that office.  You check in, sit for like 2 minutes, they call you back, you pee in a cup, they take your blood pressure, do blood work if necessary and then you sit in the "sub" waiting room until the nurse calls you back to see the doctor.  It's pretty routine.  So, I always hold it until the pee in the cup time. 

With that said, Monday was different...mother nature / gravity was backwards that day. They had upstairs plumbing issues (not downstairs) so the nurses were forming groups of pregnant ladies to ride the elevator to the 3 or 4 bathrooms downstairs to get the "specimens."  Which explained why the lady in the elevator was holding her pee cup when we got was weird and she felt just as awkward about it. Anyway, it was really funny because we all had to go...bad. We were all noticebly pregnant and they were waddling us around on elevators, back offices, etc just so we could all pee in the cup; thank goodness my nurse didn't make me carry it back upstairs myself.  That was nice and discreat of her to bring a lid and put it in her pocket.

That is my weird story of the week.  You know I always have something weird or funny that happens to me at my dr. appointments.  So, enough about pee in a cup you want to know the baby scoop, don't you?

Hill is measuring 42 weeks now per Dr. North's tape measure.  His heart beats per minute was 148, which is higher than it has ever been, but Dr. North said that is good!  I told him that Hill's heart rate is elevated because he's anxious and ready to come out - Dr. North gave me the, your so silly, look and I said, oh ok, well maybe his mama is anxious and ready to for him to come out?  He examined me and still no dilation, but he felt his head even though he hasn't really dropped enough.  He was about to wrap things up and give me my paperwork for next Monday and I called a big time out.  I  reminded him that he PROMISED a plan at week 38.  He said ok, either you have this baby on your own between now and next Monday or we are doing a c section on Tuesday.  There is your plan.  So...I am not sure if I was in shock, caught off guard, confused or what, but all I could say was...but I want to HAVE him.  He assured me that everyone wants to HAVE their baby and he wants them to, but he worries with him being so big that his shoulders would get stuck or we'd break something of mine or Hill's.  It just really wasn't in the cards.  Chip asked the odds of my going into labor between now and then and he just shook his head that it was really unlikely since I have had no dilation or changes.

I told him I trust him, which I 100% do.  I think I was just a little heart broken and felt like I wasn't give more of an option to try to have him.  I was speechless...I know, it's hard to fathom me not having anything to say.  Dr. North told me he'd call the hospital to schedule everything and I needed to meet him at his desk in a minute. It took me a while to absorb everything and I got a little upset and Chip was so supportive and excited and kept reminding me we are having a baby on Tuesday this is wonderful!  I breifly got over myself and met Dr. North at his desk, he said Tuesday morning at 7am I will be having a baby.  Monday I will have a sonogram and then meet with him afterwards.

So, when we got to the car I called my family and told them that they should probably fly in Monday the 11th and we'd all get a hotel that night since we had to be there early Tuesday morning.  Afterwards I felt bad because I was so unenthused and they were so excited.  Why was I the only one not happy? I was such a crying faced poo poo head about the most exciting time of my life!  My unhappiness had nothing to do with Hill and him making his debut, but I just felt cheated a little.  Like I have been fearing.  This big experience in my life that will only happen for the first time once was not so much a surprise anymore.  I hate surprises, but was looking forward to the bit of unknown this time.  I know, that is totally not ever who I am nor does it fall in line with my OCD planning fetish.  Again, I got over myself and by an hour or so later I was in full planning mode... still a little heart broken but no doubt excited.

So that was Monday (the 4th) and today is Thursday.  I feel like 24 days have passed since then. 

Ok, so that's the end of that post.  It's really now Monday (the 11th).  Holy cow, we are having a baby tomorrow!  I need to get some sleep.  I hope I sleep.  I have a little bit of indie and a nervous stomach.

Chip is super cute and super excited and that makes me even more excited! 

Here is a reminder list of what I need to talk about later...remind me if I forget.
1) Chip had the chance to drive really fast with his flashers on because we thought my water was "leaking" on Sunday.
2) How when they told us to come to Jackson to check if my water broke, Chip didn't know what to do so he sat in our kitchen and ate chicken wings.
3) This Monday's Dr. appointment and how Dr. North didn't think my asking for a tummy tuck was funny.

Ok team!  Tomorrow at o seven hundred we will have a baby!  I promise as soon as I get back on track I'll post how cute my baby is.  Until then.  Hang tight!

Love you all...I'm off to have a baby!


Alisan said...

CoNgRaTuLaTiOnS!!! I hope all goes well for you and your precious little man.
Hope it is ok that I stopped by.

Leah Maria said...

You have a baby now!! :)

DenKag said...

I can't wait to see him!!!