Monday, August 20, 2012

Vacation - The First 24 Hours

Man ol man have we had so much fun the first day (and a half) in Orange Beach!
Pictures below...
*When we got there Hill opened up presents for Reid.
*He's played and played and played with Hannah.
*He's eaten nearly a box of Popsicles (sugar free of course since MeMe is on health patrol)
*Went to Hooters and ate chicken wings.
*And of course went swimming in the lazy river, the big pool and the baby pool. He hasn't wanted to do the big slide yet, which is fine by me!

I have been super lazy! While Hill and I napped - Chip, my dad and Hannah went fishing and caught dinner yesterday. We had fresh fish tacos.

Meme has been enjoying reading and doing our mass quantity of laundry and dishes. We have bets on what happens more... Pam going to the grocery store or Hill hitting his head.

So far Pam is winning 3 to 2.

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