Monday, August 06, 2012

Out With The Boobs

Chip and I bought our house like 5 or 6 years ago. We love it, it was one of those places we both walked into and “knew” it was perfect for us. Knock on wood we have not had to do anything major to the house it’s 14 years old which isn’t old in my eyes. We did replace the air conditioner last month which was a biggie, yet the rest has just been personal preference…we added a fence, landscaped, have only had to paint one room since we’ve been there, added wood floors to our bedroom…still a few personal preferences we'd like to do, but other than that it’s been move in ready since day one.

Except the light fixtures. Chip has always just randomly talked about how he dislikes all the light fixtures in the house. I don’t care, I never notice it. When I need light, I flip a switch and it provides it. Given our house can be conformed into a cave in like 2.5 seconds and we are on a wooded lot where sunshine only comes in certain windows so I guess I’ve taken the light situation “lightly” – hardy harr harr – pun intended.

Last week you saw the picture of my new Craigslist chandelier. We love it and are so glad I lived through the transaction to enjoy it. It provides so much more light than I anticipated. Maybe that’s what got this locomotive going, but as we were looking at toilets at Lowe’s (we seemed to buy a bunch of stuff except for a toilet) we decided to get rid of the boobs. You see, in our kitchen we have these two globe-like lights that are better suited for like a hallway or entry way… Chip has always referred to them as “the boob lights.” Albeit, he’s a boob man, he hates the boob lights. I have to agree. They are always burning out, they take special bulbs, you have to get a ladder to change them, even fully lit they don’t put out good light. Yadda Yadda Yadda. We hate the boob lights in the kitchen. We made an executive decision to oust the boobs.

So glad we did. It’s like I was blind and I didn’t know it. All my senses were heightened just by providing more light, new light! I could see things I didn’t know existed --and some I wish I didn’t know existed, like how nasty funky dirty my air vents and ceiling around them were. Vom-it! When was the last time you thought about taking the vacuum hose to your ceiling? Yeah, me neither. The light made me clean the dishes out of the sink too because I could finally see how bad they were piling up! It’s amazing what light can do. You cannot see with boob lights, but new improved - not your grandma’s track lighting - does the trick! So, all in all for $210 we have totally upped the ante on the total ambiance of our house with the chandelier and two new kitchen fixtures. Just with lights. Seriously, I’m so happy.

I’m also happy my hubby knows how to swap out things like that. Don’t tell him I told ya’ll but he’s super handy.

We will probably end up putting one boob in my mudroom entry thing- - still more to come on that as it is currently under construction.

Here are a few before, during and after pics.

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Leah Maria said...

When I read the title of the post, all I could think of uh oh what has happened to Rachel and her boobs!! :) I know how pregnancy can do a number on us as the boobies grow. Glad to know it's only the boob looking light fixtures.