Thursday, October 04, 2012

Normal People

I often wonder what it would be like to be normal or even see what a normal person looks and acts like.

I’m pretty sure normal people don’t get phone calls in the middle of the day from their spouse that goes like this…

Husband: Hey, are you in front of your computer?
Wife: Yes
Husband: Ok look this up and tell me how much it’s worth. Blah blah blah random info.
Wife: Umm, that’s an airplane.
Husband: I know.

Most people find good deals on a blender or a piece of furniture, maybe even a used car. Chip on the other hand has taken it upon himself to find his way into a good deal on an airplane.
I have figured out how he ticks and he has figured out how to present things to me in a manner where I don’t shoot him down or divorce him before the sound “air-pah” comes out of his mouth.

Little known FACT: We both hate to fly.

So, are we getting an airplane? No. I’m always the devils’ advocate when my husband gets giddy. I’m not saying I’m always the rational one, but mostly I am. (Scary thought huh?) Any investments we make have to have conditions. Mine were as follow.

1. The airplane has to be sold before he actually purchases it
2. You must make my dad be part of the deal

You see when you list conditions like that. If it’s meant to be then it will happen at little or no risk. I consider my dad to be a savvy wheeler and dealer, like my husband, and my dad is more apt to know the clientele for an airplane because I certainly don’t. Nor do I want to find a place to house a plane. It’s not like it will just sit in the garage for a few months until it’s sold. Wouldn’t that be a pisser having to pull up in your drive way every day after work to see this airplane that you can’t fly or don’t even want to fly; it would be like this huge elephant in the room. Hey. It’s. An. Ummm. Airplane.

See. That’s just not normal.

When I hung up the phone Chip was about to call my dad to pitch an airplane investment to him. Wonder how you start that conversation? Well, I guess my dad is just as use to it as I am?

I’ll let you know if anything comes to fruition from it. Not all the hair brained ideas Chip has come to reality - - if they did we’d be the poster child for that American Pickers show....or possibly Hoarders.

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Sara Macha said...

So, the last time I read your blog it was the anniversary of the night in 1997. I guess I didn't read that you were pregnant, so tonight I was doing a little blog reading catching up...
OMG, I'm laughing really out loud and my hubby is looking at me like I'm cookoo! It started with the whole airplane, american pickers kind of thing. And I'm just picturing an airplane in your garage. And now I've just finished the Brother Barry MD post! You def. have a gift of writing and gab. I'm thoroughly enjoying your posts.

I hope the rest of the pregnancy goes by quick and you get to hold baby Reid soon. (BTW, such a cute girl name!)

Just thought I'd comment, since you said you loved comments.

Have a good Saturday evening!

Sara (Beery) Macha